10 Great FSX Websites #flightsim


The Flight Simulation hobby can quickly consume any spare time that you have, and often, the 2 hours you had set aside to ‘fly’ can be eaten up by looking around the web at the many websites on offer. Below are 10 great FSX websites that I frequently use, in my opinion you should bookmark these and visit them before any other FSX sites. Any info you need can be found on these.


Mutley’s Hangar – a vast community comprised of lots of simmers with expert knowledge. If you have an FS problem and someone at Mutley’s cannot solve it I doubt anyone else will be able to either. Mutley’s Hangar also has regular competitions and events that are free to take part in.


Virtual Airline

If you would like too add some structure to your flying then head over to Pacific Airways. This is a great virtual airline that has been around for nearly 15 years. They have several main hubs and are constantly updating their fleet and systems to bring you one of the best virtual airline experiences


Online Stores

At some point you will want to purchase an add-on for FS. These stores can be relied upon to give you top quality products at a fair price that wont trash your system:

Just Flight
PC Aviator



Get even more from the hobby by subscribing to PC Pilot magazine. It’s by far the best FS related magazine, and they have just updated their website with some of their older articles on there. Now you can have a look at some of the content before you subscribe. It’s a bi-monthly magazine that covers all the main news articles, new releases, expert reviews and tutorials.


Freeware Add-ons

These are add-ons for flight sim which, as the name suggests, are free. They can range from high quality add-ons that the developer should probably charge for, to the outright rubbish (if you are unlucky). Fortunately you get some idea if the add-on is any good by the download numbers. The best two websites for freeware add-ons are:


You’ll need to register for a free account to be able to download anything, but it only takes a matter of minutes. After that you can download aircraft, scenery, sounds, airports the list is almost endless


Dispatch System

If you want to add some realism to your flight planning Sim Brief is a must. You will need to register (free) and take a bit of time to get to know the website, but when you know which boxes to tick you can generate an accurate flight plan for almost any aircraft (it’s great for those of you who fly with a Virtual Airline). The website is constantly being updated and even has a short video showing you how to get started.


So there you have it, 10 great FSX Websites!

  1. Mutley’s Hangar
  2. Pacific Airways
  3. Just Flight
  4. Aerosoft
  5. Flightsimstore
  6. PC Aviator
  7. PC Pilot
  8. Flightsim.com
  9. Avsim.com
  10. Sim Brief

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