Amazon Unveils the ‘All New Kindle’, But Am I Bothered?

Earlier this week Amazon unveiled several new products to it’s Kindle line-up along with the all new Kindle. The marketing blurb says:

All New Kindle


The All-New Kindle – Our smallest, lightest, and now even faster e-Reader
  • Less than 170 grams – lighter than a paperback, fits in your pocket
  • 15% faster page turns
  • New darker, hand-tuned fonts for easier reading
  • Reads like paper with no glare, even in bright sunlight
  • Download books in 60 seconds with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Holds up to 1,400 books – take your library wherever you go
  • Massive book selection, and low prices. Over 650,000 titles for ¬£3.99 or less
  • 180,000 Kindle-exclusive titles that you won’t find anywhere else


Whilst I am well aware that developers need to keep up with their rivals and be constantly upgrading their products, is this fantastic news for someone like me who owns a 1st Generation Kindle? From my point of view it isn’t.

The major problem with the original Kindle was the lack of a back-lit display, but this was easily overcome by the purchase of a case which came with an in-built light. Most people will have already gone out and bought a case for their Kindle when/shortly after they purchased it.

Original Kindle

Less than 170 grams – this is a good thing if you are going to be continually holding the Kindle whilst reading (as opposed to having it on your knee)

15% Faster page turns – give me strength! The version I own turns the pages practically instantly

New fonts to make it easier for reading– I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that the original Kindle was hard to read

No Glare¬† – wasn’t that one of the main selling points for the original? I don’t think the screen has suddenly started glaring over night

Download books in 60 seconds– The original version does this

Holds up to 1,400 books – The original version holds up to 3,500 I believe


So in summary, apart from being lighter and being back-lit, for me the ‘All New Kindle’ is not really that new!

Do you think differently? Let me know. I won’t be rushing over to Amazon to buy something that appears to be worse than what I already own

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