Which Is The Biggest Rugby League Derby?


As Easter is almost upon us the usual debate as to which is the biggest derby in Rugby League comes around again. The contenders are:

  • Leeds & Bradford
  • Wigan & St Helens
  • Hull & Hull KR
  • Castleford & Wakefield

Whilst fans of each club will argue until they are blue in the face that their derby is the biggest, does it really matter?

All the games will be shown on TV to a large audience, the stands will be full, the atmosphere will be electric and the teams rarely produce poor performances.

Regardless of which derby people think is the biggest, it gets people talking about rugby league; surely that can only be a good thing? Hopefully the buzz that the Easter weekend creates can carry on right up until the World Cup later this year.

For the record, the biggest derby is Leeds & Bradford 😉

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