Why Do English Rugby League Players Seem To Be Inferior To Their Australian Counterparts?


Each time England/Britain play the Australian national side we think ‘could this be the year we win?’. Each time we are left disappointed at yet another poor performance and defeat to the mighty Green & Golds. Take a look back through the history books and apart from a few performances, the English look inferior to the Australians.

This isn’t strictly true!

Take a look at a few of the English players below; none of them would look out of place in the NRL – some already play there – or an Australian shirt (if they weren’t English!)

  • Sam Tomkins
  • Ryan Hall
  • Gareth Ellis
  • James Graham
  • Sam Burgess
  • Gareth Widdop
  • Kevin Sinfield
  • James Roby
  • Rob Burrow
  • Adrian Morley
  • Josh Charnley

All could be considered to be world class players and better than a lot of the Australian players.

Australia just play a lot better as a team and have a psychological edge in the International games. The England players suffer from not playing/training together as a team often enough – and when they do it is against poor quality opposition – and also fatigue.

The Super League season is long and hard and the majority of our best players either can’t play in the international matches through injury, or are just too tired to perform at their best. Until the players are able to play against the Australians on a level playing field we’ll never be able to match them as a team.

English players are not inferior to their Australian counterparts in any way, it is the way the game is run that is inferior.

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