Helicopter Causing FSX to CTD?

You start flying a helicopter in FSX and after a few minutes FSX crashes? If this is happening to you, and you have Audio Environment installed, visit this link and follow the instructions to solve your problem   http://www.simforums.com/forums/tip-audio-environment-helicopters-fsdreamteam_topic34818.html Related articles Improve FSX Performance With These Tweaks

Improve FSX Performance With These Tweaks

  Blurry textures, low frame rates and out-of-memory issues. Each one of those will be well-known to FSX users. There is one ‘easy’ way to be able to run FSX at maximum scenery settings without suffering a performance hit: spend thousands on a mega PC. But as 99.99% of us cannot do that we need […]

10 Great FSX Websites #flightsim

  The Flight Simulation hobby can quickly consume any spare time that you have, and often, the 2 hours you had set aside to ‘fly’ can be eaten up by looking around the web at the many websites on offer. Below are 10 great FSX websites that I frequently use, in my opinion you should […]

How To Add The GPS Panel To Any FSX Aircraft

  Personally I find it annoying when I download and install a new aircraft into FSX to find that it doesn’t have a GPS. I know that some of the aircraft wouldn’t have had a GPS when they were in service and would have used radio navigation or the stars to navigate the skies. But […]

Vulcan XH558 Flying in #Flightsim

  As you might be able to tell from my blog/site I am a big fan of aviation and flight simulation, particularly Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Every year the team over at Mutley’s Hangar take part in the ‘Around The World Challenge’ where we each take turns to fly a flight segment, eventually returning to […]

Orbx FTX Alaska Flight Video #flightsim

  Below is my latest video taken flying around Alaska in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). The flight is from Skagway to Carcross in Alaska using the Aerosoft Twin Otter and REX Essentials + Overdrive for the weather textures. I found the flight plan on the Orbx forums (there are quite a few) and it […]

Dawn Flight Around Valdez, Alaska #flightsim

  I’ve not had much chance to make a video for the last couple of weeks, but here is a short one around Valdez in Alaska, using the Orbx FTX Alaska scenery package   Should you be interested, screenshots from the flight can be view over at Mutley’s Hangar

Approach to St Maarten #flightsim [video]

  This morning’s group flight was held in the Caribbean. We landed at the fun and challenging St Maarten airport, famous for it’s beach at the runway threshold. I flew this route using the fantastic Majestic Simulations Dash-8 (soon to be reviewed for Mutley’s Hangar). Below is a video showing the landing.

Emergency #flightsim Event

  This week’s group flight was a little different to normal, and was the first time we have tried something like this. We departed from Las Vegas and headed north to Moses Lake, but had pre-programmed some random failures into our aircraft. After the flight it turned out that these failures ranged from nothing to […]

Approaching Innsbruck [VIDEO] #flightsim

  Innsbruck is one of the most picturesque and challenging airports in the world to fly into. The weather and high terrain make it a challenge for any pilot. Below is a short video showing how to land on Runway 26 in FSX   Here’s how it looks from the flight deck of a real […]

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