The FIFA World Cup in Numbers

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Odds and Probabilities

If you’re looking forward to the world cup and, more importantly, making some money on it head on over to this website and have a read of this blog post The article assumes that you have a basic knowledge of MS Excel and doesn’t claim that you’ll definitely clean up at the bookies, but […]

Football arrests and bans by club and type for the 2012-13 season

A summary of UK Home Office data on football related arrests during the 2012 – 13 season by arrest type, banning orders and clubs supported. The total number of arrests is slightly higher than for the 2011-12 season (second graphic) The figures look pretty bad, but it would be nice to see a comparison with […]

Predicting the FA Cup Winner

  The FA Cup is renowned for David and Goliath battles, and this season and produced yet another. Favourit has taken a statistical look at the upcoming final between five time winner Manchester City and soon to be relegated Wigan Athletic (possibly). We have combined all the stats with Favourit TipTracker to give punter the […]

Premier League Financial Changes – A Step In The Right Direction?

The Premier League agreed some new financial regulations this week which will limit what clubs can spend on player wages from next season and not allow the clubs to make a loss of more than £105m over the next three seasons. £105,000,000! Can you imagine what would be said if Mr Tesco said to his […]

What Is The Europa League?

It seems that the managers of the clubs taking part in the Europa League have been asked to ‘talk it up‘ to try to increase it’s profile. Despite a high-profile re-branding a few years ago the competition still plays second fiddle to the Champions League. The reason is blindingly obvious; the standard is nowhere near as good. Last season […]

Racism: Is Sport Getting It Wrong?

Racism has been a problem in sport, probably ever since sport began. Two high-profile incidents over the last year have caused racism to raise it’s ugly head once again: Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra and John Terry/Anton Ferdinand. Both players were punished by the FA, with John Terry having to have his case reviewed by the courts. But are […]

Premier League Summer 2012 Transfer Window [infographic]

All the important facts from the Summer 2012 Transfer Window in one graphic.   Learn about infographics software.

It’s All About The Money

As a rugby fan the sums of money which change hands between football clubs for player transfers and the wages which the top players are played amazes me. Robin Van Persie has moved from Arsenal to Manchester Utd for £24m, and is earning a reported £250,000 a week. How can anyone be worth that much […]

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