Book Review: Never Forget by Lisa Cutts

  I love reading crime thriller books. I try to spend as much time as possible reading on an evening, and last night finished my latest book: Never Forget by Lisa Cutts I purchased the Kindle version of the book a few months ago for £2.98 (it is currently selling for £3.12).  A great price […]

10 Great FSX Websites #flightsim

  The Flight Simulation hobby can quickly consume any spare time that you have, and often, the 2 hours you had set aside to ‘fly’ can be eaten up by looking around the web at the many websites on offer. Below are 10 great FSX websites that I frequently use, in my opinion you should […]

The World Cup Was a Success…..Now Let’s Build On It

  Packed stadiums, national media coverage, competitive games and rugby league in the public eye. This is what international sport should be about. 4 years is far too long to wait for another international competition, we have to have something before that. In general the group stages worked well as the majority of the games were […]

If Life Was Perfect….

  Every single one of us would love to have the “perfect life”. In it you would have: Perfect house Perfect job Perfect wife/husband Perfect car Perfect family The list is probably endless. But what would life actually be like if it was perfect? In my opinion it would be a pretty boring existence. Life […]

Time For The RFL To Draw A Line Under London?

  33 Years. That’s how long the RFL have persevered with the idea of Rugby League in London. Who can blame them really? With the population of London and the status of the city on the world stage, if Rugby League was to take off in London it would do wonders for the game. But […]

Video from the Massive Aquarium at The Deep in Hull (@thedeephull)

  A few weeks ago we had a family outing to The Deep in Hull. We’ve wanted to go for a while and were not disappointed. Many of these types of places are let down by the over-priced entrance fee, but The Deep is the exact opposite, and we can go back again for free […]

Which Is The Biggest Rugby League Derby?

As Easter is almost upon us the usual debate as to which is the biggest derby in Rugby League comes around again. The contenders are: Leeds & Bradford Wigan & St Helens Hull & Hull KR Castleford & Wakefield Whilst fans of each club will argue until they are blue in the face that their […]

Are Rule Changes A Good Idea?

The RFL has announced today that it will be changing several rules for the forthcoming season – read about them all here Whilst they all seem to be fairly black-and-white as far as interpretation goes, will they be so easy to interpret in the middle of a highly charged game? Changes to Interpretations Late Challenge […]

Why Do English Rugby League Players Seem To Be Inferior To Their Australian Counterparts?

  Each time England/Britain play the Australian national side we think ‘could this be the year we win?’. Each time we are left disappointed at yet another poor performance and defeat to the mighty Green & Golds. Take a look back through the history books and apart from a few performances, the English look inferior to the […]

Rule Changes In Rugby League: Good Or Bad Idea?

  The recent Boxing Day fixtures saw three new rule changes trialed  but are they good or bad changes, and will they add anything to the game should they be implemented? 1) Attacking teams can choose to have five men in the scrum. This will increase attacking options and should see more tries scored on the […]

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