Are Rule Changes A Good Idea?

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The RFL has announced today that it will be changing several rules for the forthcoming season – read about them all here

Whilst they all seem to be fairly black-and-white as far as interpretation goes, will they be so easy to interpret in the middle of a highly charged game?

Changes to Interpretations

  • Late Challenge On A Kicker – Stupid change, anyone caught hitting a kicker late should be sent to the sin bin. Very rarely are there cases where someone couldn’t have pulled out of a challenge
  • Calling Held If A Player Is Dragged – Seems simple enough but what about when a player is held up and then pushed towards the touch line?
  • Quick 20 Metre Restart – A good change providing that the referee can get back to the 20m line in time. Not all of them are the fittest of athletes!
  • Advantage – This is how it should always have been. Although if a team makes a 90m break and drops the ball near the try line should they get the ball back at the other end of the field?
  • Markers Not Square – Seems to be a very subjective rule

As with all new rule changes we wont know how they work until we see them in practice. I canĀ foreseeĀ the first couple of rounds in 2013 throwing up a few interesting decisions. But if the rule changes improve the game and make it more entertaining to watch then I’m all for it.

With the World Cup just around the corner it’s the idea time to attract new fans to the sport, and having an entertaining product to watch is a great way of going about it!


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