Danny McGuire Banned for 1 Game. Fair?

As most people thought Danny McGuire has been banned by the RFL for his reckless challenge on Louis Anderson. He has been banned for 1 game and fined £300, which means that he will miss the play-off semi final against Wigan.

Danny McGuire

Is this a fair punishment?

In my opinion yes. Collectively as a group of rugby fans we have complained all year about the inconsistency of the RFL, the referees and their inability to hand out punishment where it is due. In this instance they have got it spot on (apart from not being able to make a decision about it on the night!)

Sam Tomkins had his say about the matter but the incident was nowhere near as bad as the high tackle which Michael Mcilorum was banned for (at least Louis Anderson had the ball).

Wigan now have a massive advantage over Leeds in the semi-final, but is anyone 100% confident that Wigan will beat Leeds? It should be a cracker

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