Why I Think The F1 Drivers’ Title Will Be Decided This Sunday

The current F1 season has been the best that I can remember for a long time. It’s had multiple winners, big surprises, fantastic races (and some rubbish ones) and also a lot of controversy. But I think that the big prize will be decided this weekend in Austin, Texas at the US Grand Prix.

The circuit is new and the team wont have any real data as to how the cars will perform around the new Circuit Of The Americas track. Testing in the simulators will give the drivers and teams and idea of how to drive their race, but until they get some real data and feedback from the drivers they wont know for sure the optimum set-up.

There are only two drivers left with a chance at winning this season’s drivers’ championship: Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, who are separated by 10 points. Realistically Alonso needs to out-score Vettel to give himself the best possible chance of winning the title next week in Brazil, he can only lose the title this weekend.

I think that the driver who gets the best result this weekend will carry that momentum into next weekend’s race and take the title. Both teams will already have an idea of how their cars will need to be set-up for the Interlagos circuit, then it will come down to the drivers.

For the majority of the last few seasons the fans have been denied a fantastic year-long event, this year has been totally different. Alonso has not had the best car on the grid but has continually out-performed the car. Should he win the title it will be the best of the three he has one.

Vettel is also going for his third title, and also his third in a row. This will also be the best of his three titles as the Red Bull car was not the best at the start of the season and they’ve had to law their way back up the┬áleader-board. It’s all set for a fantastic finale!

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