Is @groupon_uk Poor Reputation Deserved?

I would think that most of the people reading this blog post will have heard of Groupon and have their own opinions on them. Quite often they are in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons. Time and again I hear people say ‘There was this great deal on Groupon….but I’ve heard you can never get the deal’. Total rubbish!

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My wife and I have bought many Groupon deals over the last few years and have never had a problem, up until a couple of weeks ago. And the problem was nothing to do with Groupon themselves.

I purchased a Groupon for a digital camera from Born On The Streets, purchase and payment via the Groupon website was, as ever, flawless. The next day my voucher code arrived and off I went to Born On The Streets to order the camera. This is where the first problem came: The Born On The Streets website would not accept payment from any of our credit or debit cards. They were working fine as we had used them recently and contacted the card issuer to double-check. This happened for several days

Born On The Streets

Naturally I emailed Born On The Streets advising them of the problem and asked if there was a way around this. A week later and still no reply, so I tried to contact them again and still didn’t get a response.

The next action was to contact Groupon about the problem, they replied within a few hours and advised me that they had passed me problem and contact details to Born On The Streets and asked them to get in touch with me. A week later and still no reply. I contacted Groupon again, who escalated the complaint and informed me that they had spoken to someone at Born On The Streets who would ring me soon. They never called.

By now I was pretty fed up (and the voucher had expired), I rang Groupon to advise them what had happened and they were only too happy to refund my money.


Could it be incidents like this, which are totally out of Groupon’s control, that are giving them a poor reputation? Throughout this whole episode Groupon have not been and fault and because of the incompetence of Born On The Streets their reputation could have been tarnished further. I wonder how many other people have had a problem similar to this?

Ignore the bad things people say about Groupon, I’ve always found them to be a very respectable and easy to deal with company.

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