International Rugby Union – Is It So Bad?

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Rugby League and Rugby Union could learn from each other. The last few weeks have seen the Rugby Union Autumn Internationals taking place with England playing Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Yesterday I decided to put me past views of Rugby Union aside and sat down to watch the England – New Zealand game, and it was quite entertaining. I’ve not watched masses of international rugby union recently as, in my opinion, it became very dull and boring, but yesterday’s game was played by two teams that wanted to play. There were even a few tries scored!

What made it better was a full house at Twickenham cheering the players on a providing a fantastic atmosphere which no doubt helped the players raise their game a bit further. The game was no-where near as free-flowing as rugby league but it was a lot more entertaining than the whole of the rugby league Autumn Internationals, which were played out in front of minimal crowds with poor atmospheres.

I’m not going to become a rugby union convert after just one game, but I’ll probably watch the Six Nations to see if they are as entertaining as yesterday’s game. This sort of spectacle is what International Rugby League needs to aspire to.

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