If Life Was Perfect….


Every single one of us would love to have the “perfect life”. In it you would have:

  • Perfect house
  • Perfect job
  • Perfect wife/husband
  • Perfect car
  • Perfect family

The list is probably endless. But what would life actually be like if it was perfect? In my opinion it would be a pretty boring existence.

Life and no-one in it is perfect, this is something that we are reminded of on a daily basis. Life is much more fun by overcoming challenges and working towards a goal and feeling a sense of achievement once we get there. For example, you want a new TV to put in your soon to be renovated front room. Sure it would be nice just to drive down to the shops and hand over a wad of cash to buy the latest top-of-the-range TV. But in reality most people have to plan such an event weeks or even months in advance and make sure that their finances are in order before going out spending big. Once the project is complete you can sit back and feel a sense of accomplishment that your hard work ( through carrying out the renovations yourself, or saving up to pay someone else to do it), was all worth it.

The same applies to many other scenarios that we regularly encounter:

  • Planning a holiday
  • Buying a car
  • Buying  a new house
  • etc…

For me, the imperfections in life make it worth living for. I’d love to have the kind of money that Premiership footballers enjoy, but where would be the sense of accomplishment when buying something new? Some of those guys earn more in a week than I would in ten years. All too often we see high-profile celebrities going off the rails and I believe that it all comes down to them having more money than they know what to do with. Which shows that no amount of money can buy perfection and happiness.

I believe that being able to afford anything you wanted, without the need to think about how spending a vast sum of money would affect your daily life, would prove to be a very boring and lonely existence.

Maybe I’m just strange, but I like to set a target and work towards it and feel a sense of achievement when I reach the goal. If someone were to offer me the perfect life I’d throw it back at them and carry on being imperfect.


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