It’s All About The Money

As a rugby fan the sums of money which change hands between football clubs for player transfers and the wages which the top players are played amazes me. Robin Van Persie has moved from Arsenal to Manchester Utd for £24m, and is earning a reported £250,000 a week.


How can anyone be worth that much money?

Not so long ago he was declaring his love for Arsenal and that they were on the right track to challenging for honours again. A flash of a cheque book and a big salary later he has turned his back on a club who have stuck by him through his injury hit years. Let’s face it, he’s had one good season where he has remained fit and been able to play each week.

I doubt that he would’ve been on the minimum wage at Arsenal and probably earned more in two weeks than I’ve earned in my entire working life, yet he openly told Arsenal he was not going to remain there beyond the end of his contract. Yes Arsenal are not the force which they once were but it’s coincidental that the clubs able to afford the stratospheric wages are linked with him that he no longer wants to play for Arsenal.

Robin Van Persie

I think that Arsenal have come out of it rather well as they’ve got £24m for a player who had no interest in playing for them which they can now spend on players who do want to play for them. Who knows, maybe they will function better as a team now that they cannot rely on RVP to score all the goals.

It’s not wonder that football clubs are struggling financially when they are paying so much money to people who kick a ball. Yet people who actually are worth that much money: Doctors, Armed Forces, Emergency Services etc… are paid peanuts in comparison.

Maybe it’s time that the Premier League, and football in general, took a leaf out of other sport’s books and introduced a salary cap? Then we’d really seen which players love their clubs and are worth their money. Who knows, maybe the foreign players will clear off and the English Premier League will have more than a handful of English players on show each week…

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