Book Review: Never Forget by Lisa Cutts


I love reading crime thriller books. I try to spend as much time as possible reading on an evening, and last night finished my latest book: Never Forget by Lisa Cutts

Never Forget

Never Forget

I purchased the Kindle version of the book a few months ago for £2.98 (it is currently selling for £3.12).  A great price for any book. The description claims that:

Never Forget does what crime fiction has never managed to do before – to take the reader directly to the fast-beating heart of a police investigation

Quite a bold claim with so many crime novels out there, but the difference with this novel is that the author, Lisa Cutts, is a current serving officer in the Kent Police. This real-life knowledge shows through in her writing and makes the book very enjoyable. It was a welcome break from some books I have read where the answer magically appears from thin air. In ‘Never Forget‘ the characters work together to solve the case.

The book follows Detective Nina Foster as she tries to piece together the evidence from several gruesome murders, but along the way her own troubled past is dragged into the investigation. The procedural nature of the book slowed the pace down a little at times, but it helped to give an insight into what actually happens in a murder investigation.

The book is 369 pages long, so you should be able to read it in around 5 or 6 hours. Although the last 100 pages seem to fly by as the pace and action picks up towards the end of the story.

I was left guessing up until near the end as to who the culprit was, as there were a few red herrings along the way, which made the book a real page turner. At times I thought that there were too many characters in some of the scenes, which did make them difficult to follow – even though all the characters had a part to play.

I can strongly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in crime thrillers. For the price of a drink or two you can lose yourself in another world and become absorbed by Lisa Cutts’ writing.

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