Olympics: As Good As I Hoped?

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Being a complete sports nut I love the Olympics and all the hype that comes with them, regardless of how Team GB perform. This time however, I was a little¬†skeptical. The farce with the security firm not long before the Olympics began did little to ease my mind. We’ve got some top athletes in a variety of sports, some known and some unknown, but how would they cope on the big stage?

Most of the pre-Olympics hype surrounded Usain Bolt and could he achieve the double-treble (100m, 200m, 4x100m), especially as he had been beaten twice in recent weeks by his training partner Yohan ‘The Beast’ Blake. In the end he won all 3 gold medals with ease, although I felt a little short-changed that we didn’t see 3 world records with them.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the whole games for me was the coverage by the BBC. I know that their presenters aren’t the best, but the coverage was fantastic. We could watch whatever sport we wanted, so if you didn’t care for the women’s football you could easily press the ‘red-button’ and move over to¬†the athletics. It’s amazing how far technology has come since I first remember watching the Olympics in 1988!

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Overall, for me, the Olympics was a fantastic occasion and far better than I imagined it would be. I wasn’t able to attend any of the events but being able to watch all of them at home was brilliant. Not one cock-up along the way and a fantastic games for Team GB, aided no doubt by the fantastic support of the nation. At work all the talk was about the Olympics, football hardly got a mention, which makes a nice change. Rio will have to really up their game to beat London, but we said that about London after the Beijing games!


What did you think of the Olympics?

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