The World Cup Was a Success…..Now Let’s Build On It


Packed stadiums, national media coverage, competitive games and rugby league in the public eye. This is what international sport should be about.

4 years is far too long to wait for another international competition, we have to have something before that.

In general the group stages worked well as the majority of the games were competitive, entertaining, played at grounds with the right size stadium and the fans turned out to support the teams. Playing at a 15,000 capacity stadium with a 10,000 crowd generates a lot more atmosphere than 10,000 people in a 40,000 capacity stadium. Why not use these group stages as the basis for a competition in two years time?

Each group could have three or four teams:

  • England, Australia, New Zealand
  • France, PNG, Scotland, Australia A
  • England A, Italy, Samoa
  • USA, Ireland, Wales, New Zealand A

The games would be the Rugby League equivalent  of the rugby union Autumn Internationals and a good way to round the season off, especially if the Super League does have fewer games in the future. But in order to show the game to a wider audience and attract new fans the games must be shown on terrestrial/free to air television. The game won’t attract new fans if the matches are shown on channels that people usually wouldn’t watch, or have to pay extra for.

One of the main reasons why nations, other than Australia and New Zealand, struggle on the international stage is because their players are not used to playing competitive games week after week. Even the English players suffer from this to some extent. Having some a ranking/seeding system will help each nation improve their game across the board. Having games with scores of 80-0 does nothing other than re-write the record books, it probably does more harm than good.

As was said on the BBC yesterday, it’s the international games which help bring the money into the sport (just look at rugby union). It’s time for rugby league to take action and build on the fantastic world cup and show the world how good our sport is!

If Life Was Perfect….


Every single one of us would love to have the “perfect life”. In it you would have:

  • Perfect house
  • Perfect job
  • Perfect wife/husband
  • Perfect car
  • Perfect family

The list is probably endless. But what would life actually be like if it was perfect? In my opinion it would be a pretty boring existence.

Life and no-one in it is perfect, this is something that we are reminded of on a daily basis. Life is much more fun by overcoming challenges and working towards a goal and feeling a sense of achievement once we get there. For example, you want a new TV to put in your soon to be renovated front room. Sure it would be nice just to drive down to the shops and hand over a wad of cash to buy the latest top-of-the-range TV. But in reality most people have to plan such an event weeks or even months in advance and make sure that their finances are in order before going out spending big. Once the project is complete you can sit back and feel a sense of accomplishment that your hard work ( through carrying out the renovations yourself, or saving up to pay someone else to do it), was all worth it.

The same applies to many other scenarios that we regularly encounter:

  • Planning a holiday
  • Buying a car
  • Buying  a new house
  • etc…

For me, the imperfections in life make it worth living for. I’d love to have the kind of money that Premiership footballers enjoy, but where would be the sense of accomplishment when buying something new? Some of those guys earn more in a week than I would in ten years. All too often we see high-profile celebrities going off the rails and I believe that it all comes down to them having more money than they know what to do with. Which shows that no amount of money can buy perfection and happiness.

I believe that being able to afford anything you wanted, without the need to think about how spending a vast sum of money would affect your daily life, would prove to be a very boring and lonely existence.

Maybe I’m just strange, but I like to set a target and work towards it and feel a sense of achievement when I reach the goal. If someone were to offer me the perfect life I’d throw it back at them and carry on being imperfect.


Football arrests and bans by club and type for the 2012-13 season

A summary of UK Home Office data on football related arrests during the 2012 – 13 season by arrest type, banning orders and clubs supported. The total number of arrests is slightly higher than for the 2011-12 season (second graphic)
The figures look pretty bad, but it would be nice to see a comparison with other sports

Football arrests and bans by club and type, 2012-13 season

by ewinfographics.
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UK Football Arrests for the 2011 - 2012 Season

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Jaguar F-Type R – What A Noise!


Check out this recent YouTube video from Jaguar of their new F-Type R. It’s only short but will the noise will leave your spine tingling. It’s the sound of a 5 litre  supercharged, with a top speed of 186mph, racing to the red line.


Now, where to find £90k+ to buy one and some long tunnels to drive mine through

Vulcan XH558 Flying in #Flightsim


As you might be able to tell from my blog/site I am a big fan of aviation and flight simulation, particularly Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Every year the team over at Mutley’s Hangar take part in the ‘Around The World Challenge’ where we each take turns to fly a flight segment, eventually returning to where we began.

Yesterday it was my turn to take up the baton on a short 350nm flight, which turned into a fantastic opportunity to shoot some videos whilst flying Vulcan XH558. The challenge let’s us choose our own aircraft and our own route from getting from A-B, which can involve multiple flights with different aircraft. Each flight is totally different to the previous one.

I was using add-ons from Iris Simulations (Vulcan XH558), Orbx (ground textures) and REX Game Studios (weather and textures). Here are the videos from the flight:


Rapid Start






Finally, the approach and landing


The Vulcan Bomber is a classic British aircraft and as part of the V-Force, the Vulcan was the backbone of the Britain’s airborne nuclear deterrent during much of the Cold War. The Vulcan’s main purpose was to deliver a nuclear bomb, but it was also more than capable to delivering conventional bombs. It’s finest hour came on Operation Black Buck during the Falklands War in 1982 (Vulcan 607 written by Rowland White is a fantastic book about this mission).


There is now only one airworthy example left of this iconic aircraft, and she can be see regularly on the British air-show circuit. The Vulcan program relies heavily on donations from supporters in order to keep running, to learn more visit the Vulcan To The Sky website


Here is a video of XH558 taking off at RAF Waddington this year, the video doesn’t do justice to the amazing sound that those 4 engines pump out

The Size of the Mobile Market

Mobile devices are changing the face of online content and communications. People are using their mobile phones and devices to trade stocks, look up movie times and, of course, social network. In fact, over half the world uses mobile phones, which is a huge proportion compared to Internet users and television viewers. Learn more about this growing market here.
Anatomy of the Mobile Market

How Much is 1 GB?

1 Gigabyte is a lot! This is a graphic visualisation of the random fun scenarios that could make up 1Gb
How much is 1 GB?

by chatsky.
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Time For The RFL To Draw A Line Under London?


London Broncos Logo

33 Years.

That’s how long the RFL have persevered with the idea of Rugby League in London. Who can blame them really? With the population of London and the status of the city on the world stage, if Rugby League was to take off in London it would do wonders for the game.

But 33 years? Would a business continue making a product for this long if it clearly wasn’t selling? After all sport is a business.

In all those years they’ve had two good years – Super League runners-up in 1997 and Challenge Cup runners-up in 1999. But this season really has been an embarrassment. The 70-0 hiding against Wigan in the Challenge Cup Semi Final, aired on national TV, probably did more harm than good for Rugby in the capital. The game against Leeds on Thursday seemed close, but I got the feeling that Leeds went there just to do enough.

Nearly every week London are on the end of another cricket score and their club captain wants to leave because he is fed up of loosing – who can blame him? The attendances are abysmal no matter which ground they play at and the support only seems to be getting worse.

Bringing in ‘big name’ players to play for the club is pointless in my opinion, no-one in London knows who they are so it’s hardly going to encourage them to come and watch the team.

The powers that be keep telling us about how the game is developing so well at grass-roots level – in 33 years there should have been a whole team of London-based players come through the ranks.


Can rugby in London continue?

Simple, put them into a lower league where they have a chance of competing against the opposition. They might not be able to attract the bigger name players to the club, but let’s be honest, they aren’t really performing at the moment any way. They will then be able to showcase all the London-born players that they keep telling us about. If the club did start to win games, or at least be competitive, more people may come down to watch – the attendances can hardly get any worse.

It’s very much a case of back-to-basics. Success breeds success, which is why the likes of Wigan, St Helens and Leeds have done so well over the last few years. As soon as a first choice player is injured/leaves there is someone just as good waiting to take their place. Who had heard of Sam Tomkins this time 5 years ago?

At the moment London are failing and everyone can see it. They clearly can’t compete in the Super League so put them into the 1st Division to re-build from the ground up. It will also give another club a chance to test themselves in the Super League, which they will have been working towards for years.

Video from the Massive Aquarium at The Deep in Hull (@thedeephull)


A few weeks ago we had a family outing to The Deep in Hull. We’ve wanted to go for a while and were not disappointed. Many of these types of places are let down by the over-priced entrance fee, but The Deep is the exact opposite, and we can go back again for free during the next year if we show our ticket (along with some ID).

There are lots of things to see and do and our daughter seemed to love watching all the fishes with their bright colours. The star attraction is the massive tank which houses sharks, whales and sawfish. Below is a short video of it:



Most zoos I’ve been to have a very poor aquatic section and can leave people feeling disappointed. The Deep is the other way around

Gmail Cheat Sheet


Please click on the image for a larger version of this Gmail cheat sheet.


I found this at and thought I would share it

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