It Reminds Me Of 2010

Challenge Cup

Just days before the Challenge Cup Final and yet again another one of our big name players is injured and will miss out; this time it’s Danny McGuire who has been ruled out of action for 8 weeks with a knee injury. But is it as serious as when Jamie Peacock missed out in 2010?

In my opinion no. Peacock was missed in the middle of the pitch when Warrington’s forwards walked all over us that day. Our half-backs never got a chance to show what they could do as the forwards weren’t able to take us up the pitch. Having JP in the pack that day would’ve  helped – I’m not saying we would’ve won as we were shocking, but we probably would have performed better.

This year we are going into the final with a pack who are in great form and this weekend’s game against the Catalan Dragons will be a fantastic warm up for what is to come at Wembley. If the forwards can perform well on the 25th August we’ve got more than enough cover in Kevin Sinfield, Rob Burrow and Stevie Ward to offset the loss of Danny McGuire. Whilst neither of these bring the same skills to the team that McGuire does they still have enough skill to terrorise opposition defenses if the forwards do the donkey work.

The situation reminds me of 2010, but I don’t think it is as bad as 2010

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