Rugby League Needs To Learn From Rugby Union and Vice Versa

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Both codes have forever been locked in a battle over which is the better code – just ask a supporter o the following code and they’ll argue with you until they are blue in the face that their code is better across the board. My opinion is that rugby league has the better domestic competition and rugby union has a better international competition.

Have a look at yesterdays England -v- Fiji match at Twickenham. Fiji are hardly the best rugby union nation yet there were still 82,000 people who went to watch the game. Now look at the Rugby League autumn internationals where I’d like to bet that the combined attendances of all the games won’t come close to 82,000. Turn that around to the domestic competition and rugby league will have the far better attendances.

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Isn’t it time that the governing bodies of both codes got together to discuss how one can help improve the others domestic and international profiles? The codes have worked with each other in the past with coaching techniques – Stuart Lancaster spent time with Leeds Rhinos last year. This clearly shows that one can learn from the other.

  • A better international profile is better for the sport as these games have a higher profile in the media.
  • Improving each code’s weaker area will in turn help out it’s stronger area by generating better players and a more exciting game to watch, which in turn will bring in more spectators and revenue.
  • Having a higher profile status will help each code keep, and attract, it’s better players

What do you think; can each code learn from the other to improve itself? 

Most of us complain that there are only three good international rugby league teams, but until steps are taken to vastly improve the game worldwide we’ll be forever stuck with this problem. The game is popular outside of Europe but it doesn’t have the support it needs to be a success…yet.

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