#rugbyleague Autumn Internationals – What’s the Point?

In my opinion the Autumn Internationals have been a complete waste of time.

If the likes of Wales and France improve at international level then they should be playing teams which they are evenly matched against. The same can be said for England; hammering Wales and France does little to improve the England team and it probably does more harm than good to the game in Wales and France.

After watching the games so far on the BBC I doubt that any non-rugby league fans will have been persuaded to go down to watch their local team. I’m all in favour of having more games shown on terrestrial TV to help promote it to a wider audience, but what’s the point when the product on display is not very appealing?

Here’s how an end-of-season tri-nations competition(s) should work:

  • England, Australia & New Zealand in one competition
  • Wales, Scotland & Ireland in another
  • France, PNG & Samoa (or another South Sea Islands team) in the final competition

All those teams are fairly evenly matched with each other and should produce entertaining and close matches for the supporters. Why not opt for a Millennium Magic style event and hold the 3 matches each week at the same venue on the same day?

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