Scrap The Autumn Internationals. What We Want is a Lions Tour

Is it just me or do this year’s Autumn international matches again Wales and France seem a bit pointless? I can only see France providing a challenge, and not a great one at that. What we should be looking to do is forget this England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales non-sense and hold a Lions tour of Australia.

The RFL went to great lengths to promote the Grand Final and are promoting next year’s World Cup very well too. But if we want people to see how good our game is they need to be watching the best players in the world toughing it out against each other on the biggest stage. The Grand Final had these ingredients and was a fantastic game to watch. When England play Wales it’s almost like Leeds playing London – an easy game and everyone knows what the result will be. Great Britain against Australia on the other hand evokes a sense of national pride. If people tune in to watch the game and see a close match with two sets of players going at it hammer and tong they are more likely to keep watching and tune in again.

Think back to the early nineties and when Great Britain beat Australia in Melbourne, how good did it feel as a Brit? Here’s a reminder:

England are probably only the 3rd best team in the world now, probably because the players don’t play as a team often enough and when they do it’s against poor quality opposition. We know that our players can take on the Aussies and produce fantastic rugby, but unless they are given the chance to do it regularly on a tour against Australia, New Zealand and State sides we’ll continue to be the bridesmaid of International Rugby.

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