The Sporting Trophies Everyone In The UK Wants to Win

Though most think that winning a 3D trophy for major sporting events is an American thing, the United Kingdom also has a rich history of giving away (some) large and much coveted pieces for the winners of certain events. If you are lucky enough to be involved in professional sporting events in the United Kingdom, then you will almost certainly be striving and hoping to win one. Some of the most prestigious events that can be won in the United Kingdom are the Ashes, the British Open and the FIFA World Cup, all of which present their winner with a 3D trophy for their exemplary efforts.


The Urn

The Ashes
Since 1882, England and Australia have been battling it out on the cricket fields in a bi-annual tournament that is held in the two countries in alternating fashion. The series itself was named after a satirical article written in The Sporting Times, in 1882, in which the author wrote about England being defeated by Australia. The following year, when England went to Australia to “regain the ashes” a group of women presented the small urn to the English captain. Though the urn is a symbolic 3D trophy for the winner of The Ashes, it has never been formally adopted as an award, even though the winners often hold replicas of that original urn aloft after a victory.


British Open

The British Open
As one of the four major golf tournaments on the Pro Golf Tour, The Open Championship, often referred to as the British Open, it is the only one of the majors to be held outside of the United States. That status in itself makes the tournament worthy of an impressive 3D trophy, and the British Open doesn’t disappoint. The award for the British Open is known as the Claret Jug, and it has been on display at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews since 1928. Each year since then, the winner is awarded the jug to keep for a year; at the next tournament, they must return it and are given a replica to keep for themselves. Each year the winner’s name is engraved on the Claret Jug, and there are three replicas that exist in exhibition: one in the British Museum of Golf in St Andrews and two that are used for travelling exhibitions.


FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup
The FIFA World Cup is a gold, 3D trophy that is awarded to the winner of the major football tournament that takes place each year internationally. The original piece, awarded since 1930, was made of gold plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli and depicted the Greek goddess of victory. After Brazil won the award outright in 1970, there was a replacement made, which is fashioned in 18-carat gold and is a 3D image of two figures holding up the world.

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