Vulcan XH558 Flying in #Flightsim


As you might be able to tell from my blog/site I am a big fan of aviation and flight simulation, particularly Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Every year the team over at Mutley’s Hangar take part in the ‘Around The World Challenge’ where we each take turns to fly a flight segment, eventually returning to where we began.

Yesterday it was my turn to take up the baton on a short 350nm flight, which turned into a fantastic opportunity to shoot some videos whilst flying Vulcan XH558. The challenge let’s us choose our own aircraft and our own route from getting from A-B, which can involve multiple flights with different aircraft. Each flight is totally different to the previous one.

I was using add-ons from Iris Simulations (Vulcan XH558), Orbx (ground textures) and REX Game Studios (weather and textures). Here are the videos from the flight:


Rapid Start






Finally, the approach and landing


The Vulcan Bomber is a classic British aircraft and as part of the V-Force, the Vulcan was the backbone of the Britain’s airborne nuclear deterrent during much of the Cold War. The Vulcan’s main purpose was to deliver a nuclear bomb, but it was also more than capable to delivering conventional bombs. It’s finest hour came on Operation Black Buck during the Falklands War in 1982 (Vulcan 607 written by Rowland White is a fantastic book about this mission).


There is now only one airworthy example left of this iconic aircraft, and she can be see regularly on the British air-show circuit. The Vulcan program relies heavily on donations from supporters in order to keep running, to learn more visit the Vulcan To The Sky website


Here is a video of XH558 taking off at RAF Waddington this year, the video doesn’t do justice to the amazing sound that those 4 engines pump out

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